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  • You won't travel anymore like a tourist

    As locals surfers, when it's flat, we'll advice you about other activities

    Like a local
  • START YOUR SEARCH EARLY, 3 to 6 month prior to the swap for international travel

    HAVE A COMPLETE ACCOUNT (picture, where you want to go, etc)



    Tips for a successful surf trip
  • For mainly financial reasons, one of the main poles of the surf culture is in danger: surf trips.

    This is where the S&s idea kicks in: to use internet technologies to help the purest spirit.

    The surf trip rebirth
  • about surf culture

    Sunday, 08 September 2013, perfect profile

      A miscellaneous section for announcing expositions, competitions, book signings, film premiers, etc.  Une rubrique pour annoncer une expo, un concours, la signature d'un livre, la première d'un film, etc

  • annonce a contest

    Sunday, 08 September 2013, perfect profile

      This news section only concerns surf competitions and contests.    Cette rubrique de news ne concerne que les compétitions de surf.


    Tuesday, 04 February 2014, DUPLAN Gabriel

    I'm interested in exchanging time with a student of my age from anglo-saxon countries, who likes surfing and learning french langage. I just want to improve my english and enjoying surf. My parents and I would enjoy receiving him or her during the...

  • Ian Correia

    Wednesday, 20 November 2013, Ian Correia

       I live in Lisbon(Portugal) and I use to surf in many diferent spots around here. Not sure yet where I wanna go next, so if anyone want to come to surf here just get in contact. Dont have much space at home but in other hand use to...

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