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Publish on Sunday, 14 May 2017. by swapandsurf

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If you would like to be a beta tester for the APP, the annual subscription is FREE

Help your local professionals, shapers, surf shop to grow by sharing their good work !

The aim of the Swap and Surf website is to help you to prepare your surf trip.

But to help you even more, even during your trip, we are developing an APP. This APP will assists you if you need to repair your board, find a family friendly surf spot, a good surf shop… And to be sure that these informations are the finest, they will be provided by the local surfers of each area.

We already have 40 Swap and Surf members across the world who are going to test the beta version of the APP directly on their smart phone. The APP is not yet available and you already have locals solution for traveling surfers in places like Santa Cruz, Hermosa beach, several places in Brazil, Taiwan, Argentina, France, Australia , etc

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Deviens beta testeur et gagne un an d'inscription

Parle de ton réseau local, fais vivre les artisans méritants. Partage ton réseau local !

L'objectif du site Swap and surf est d'aider les surfeurs à préparer un surf trip.

Pour aller plus loin, pendant un surf trip, même si tu n'as pas besoin d'hebergement, nous développons une application mobile. Cette application va t'aider si tu as besoin de réparer une planche, de trouver un surf spot adapté à une famille, un bon surf shop, ... Et pour être certain que ces informations seront les meilleures, elles seront fournies par les surfeurs locaux de chaque aire, via l'application.

Nous avons déjà une quarantaine de membres à travers le monde qui vont tester la beta version, directement sur leur smart phone. Avant même que cette version beta soit disponible nous avons mobilisé nos membres, et déjà, par un questionnaire en ligne, nous avons des solutions locales à Santa Cruz, Hermosa Beach, au Brésil, à Taiwan, en Australie, ...

Si tu es intéressé par cette aventure collective, contacte nous


  • Of course, Swap and surf offers solutions through our members in all majors surf trip destination

  • "I plan to always do what I love to do, and make the most of the opportunities in front of me, and believe this can be seen in my work." a talented photographer to meet

  • Swap and surf founders are from South West of France and the project settle down their. Naturally, the largest choice of profiles in this area

  • The best way to discover new horizons is to connect with locals. In every places you can find swell, you'll have a Swap and surf member to exchange with you, or to host you or just give you some tips

  • The cool californian surfer. The guy to meet for a reciprocal hospitality. With Talal, it'll be easy going

  • With Tushar, Ishita is a leading figure of the surfing culture in India. A pionner, the first female to have been sponsored by brand like roxy

  • Of course Swap and surf is well implanted in all main surf culture heart, like California is

  • The authentic hawaiian water man. For an outrigger ride, share surf session or whatever on water, he's the man

  • Caio is registred as a journalist, but he could have been photographer or artist too. An open mind brasilian surfer willing to welcome you in Florianopolis. 

  • We offer places like Alaska to live with locals experiences difficult to organized like cold water surfing in remoted places